Next Generation iPhone 4G Leaked

It All Begins in a Bar…

This isn’t really a great deal to began with but we sure feel it’s news worthy. For those who didn’t know about the leak, here’s what we have gathered over the past 48hours:

A software engineer from Apple accidentally left his next-gen iPhone in a bar in California while he was drunk on his birthday celebration. Random guy picks it up, tried to return it to owner in bar, failed. Found out next morning what he got is no usual iPhone, tried to returned to Apple, no one took him seriously and got to no one but a customer service ticket. So, random guy contact someone from Gizmodo, who offered US$5,000 to random guy for the phone. And there we have it, right before our very eyes, the brand new next-gen iPhone(4G?).

So the whole world knows the looks and feel of the new iPhone, and Apple is pissed, or are they really? Since that little piece of gadget got into Gizmodo’s journalism, Apple’s stock price has soared like never before.

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