T-Barn’s Innovative OK Tea Sticks: Introductory Sale @ Gmarket

A new concept in modern tea-brewing is now taking Taiwan by storm, one tea stick at a time. OK Tea Sticks have become increasingly popular among youths and working adults alike. The good news: these tea sticks are now available in Singapore.

Have we seen the “demise” of the ubiquitous tea bag that we’re all too familiar with? The jury is out on that one but suffice to say, with the introduction of OK Tea Sticks in Singapore, tea drinking is now anything but boring!

The thoughtful and innovative design of the tea stick

  • brings greater convenience (individually packed and easy to carry around)
  • also functions as a stirrer, eliminating the need for a separate stirring spoon
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These tea sticks have also been featured on a popular Taiwanese variety show, Mr Kang & Ms Hsi(康熙来了) and comes in seven exciting flavours:

  • Chrysanthemum Oolong Tea: Taiwan Oolong tea infused with the gentle fragrance of Chrysanthemum flowers. Chrysanthemum is known to improve eyesight, clear body heat, improve vitality and prevent sore throats.
  • BEST-SELLER! Osmanthus Oolong Tea: Taiwan Oolong tea infused with the delicate fragrance of Osmanthus flowers. It is said that a cup of Osmanthus tea daily promotes good complexion.
  • Jin Xuan Tea: A special blend of Oolong tea with a distinctive fragrance and a light creamy taste. Oolong is believed to be beneficial in reducing and maintaining weight and in strengthening the immune system.
  • BEST-SELLER! Buckwheat Green Tea: Green tea with the wholesome, nutritional goodness of buckwheat. Buckwheat is high in fibre and contains many minerals including iron and zinc, which are essential for healthy bodily functions.
  • Lemongrass Green Tea: Green tea infused with the well-loved, citrusy goodness of lemongrass. Lemongrass is known to aid digestion and promote general well-being, making this a perfect drink after any meal.
  • BEST-SELLER! Rose Black Tea: A special blend of Taiwan’s renowned Formosa Black Tea infused with rosebuds. Rosebud tea has been known to promote better circulation and improved digestion.
  • Peach Black Tea: A special blend of Taiwan’s renowned Formosa Black Tea infused with the aromatic flavour of peach. Perfect summertime drink when chilled.

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