When To Buy From Tarazz.com + Exclusive GDS Shipping Discount

You spotted something good from an online shop and you add it to cart, the next moment you find that they don’t ship to Singapore. You contact their customer support hoping for an alternative but end up using third-party forwarders that gave you a big headache: slow delivery, unresponsive customer support, damaged items, costly shipping… just to name a few.

Does that situation sounds familiar?

To me it does, and I consider myself an avid online shopper(some like to call it addict). Mostly fashion and tech for me, from shirts, jeans, shoes and bags to tech gadgets like laptops and accessories. So here comes Tarazz but like me you are probably asking the same question “Does it really work?”. Well, having bought a few stuff from Amazon through Tarazz, my experience has been pretty good thus far partly because their customer support is simply excellent and they will contact you before delivering to your doorstep.

Tarazz has a clean and easy to use interface and even the butler service is fairly automated but I want to highlight Tarazz as a true alternative to purchasing from online shops that doesn’t ship international. While Tarazz doesn’t provide shipping services to every single online shop out there, they do have a good range of brands and marketplaces to buy from: Amazon, Karma Loop, Gap, Fossil, Zappos, shoes.com, Ralph Lauren and many more.

There are tonnes of stuff to buy just from Amazon and Zappos(merged with Amazon recently) but when is a good time to really use Tarazz? I found that if I’m buying certain small and cheaper, it won’t make much sense to use Tarazz since the shipping might be more expensive compared to using Amazon alone. The only times I found myself using Tarazz are quite specific in fact:

  1. When websites or certain products DO NOT have international shipping services
  2. Products that has costly shipping prices on the website (usually high-priced items over US$1,000)

If you come across products or websites with either of the above 2 conditions, then you know Tarazz is the perfect platform to purchase the item you so badly wanted conveniently.

Hold your horses sparky! Before you run over to visit Tarazz, I’m pleased to inform that they are offering a exclusive promo code only for GDS readers, simply enter “GDS914” during the checkout process! This promo code will give 10% discount on international shipping charges that the international shipping charge per item is above S$10. You only need to enter the promo code for the first time, for subsequent purchases the shipping discount will automatically applied even if you don’t enter the promo code.

This exclusive promotion ends on 30th November so hurry and kickstart your Christmas shopping today!

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