[AOTW] App Of The Week: Nimble Quest, Retro Snake With A RPG Twist

Nimble Quest iOS iPhone AppIf you are like me, belonging to the era of owning clunky Nokia mobile phones that just won’t break no matter how much damage you hurl at it, then surely you will have timewasted a good part of your school life away on the popular Snake game back then. Bet you’ve even tried to beat the game by filling up the pixelated LCD display turning and twisting using those convoluted rubberized number keypads we will never see on smartphones these days.

Reinventing an app based on that very popular game more than a decade ago, Nimble Quest brings back old memories except Snake is actually now made up of retro-pixelated hero characters with gunslinging, sword wielding and fireballing abilities. Monsters and enemies will spawn now and then, and taking them down will reward you with gems which you can use to upgrade your character skills and clearing levels will unlock new characters with different abilities. Moving around the screen is now a simple swipe to the direction you wanted which should be comparatively easier if you think about it but in practice it can be quite tricky especially around crowded monsters and my spastic fingers can’t simply react fast enough while my characters walled themselves to doom. Or perhaps it’s just me.

Nimble Quest is a free to play and quick, fun and addictive game to get by while you wait for your Candy Crush’s lives to regenerate, the only complain I have is the frustrating component of not being to retry the last level that my characters got taken out unless you wish to purchase in-app tokens. This is the trend of many in-app games nowadays, while it is definitely a viable business model of most mobile game makers these days but a lot of times I find this being a barrier to how much I want to play those very games any more after a while. So here we have it, you can download the game by following this link. Give this game a whirl and tell us how you fare.

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