New Google Nexus 7 Version 2: How To Get It Now

New Nexus 7 v2

Google has just released an update to the Nexus 7 tablet. It’s lighter, uses a Qualcomm S4 Pro CPU that has a better battery performance and managed to squeeze 1920 x 1200 resolution (323ppi) into it. Although there is a slight price increase, it is still pretty affordable compared to Apple’s iPad Mini.

If you want to get your hands on one soonest, we managed to find some good sources to pre-order for August shipment:

  • B&H inclusive of UPS shipping – US$311.46
  • Adorama inclusive of UPS shipping – US$337.69
  • Amazon ships the 16GB and 32GB model as of 5th September @ US$269 but doesn’t ship to Singapore. @ US$229.00 and US$269.00 respectively inclusive of free shipping to Singapore.
  • HopShopGo is a shopping concierge service and they claim they can get it to you at $306 for the 32GB inclusive shipping. (We tried but couldn’t come up with that price, we are checking with them on how to do it.)

The lowest price we can find including shipping to Singapore is through B&H. Shipping won’t happen until they have confirmed it but we are guessing everyone will start shipping some time pretty soon. A quick check on warranty concerns and found that ASUS will honor the warranty here even if your Nexus 7 is purchased overseas.

Update 21st October 2013: 32GB LTE version is now available in Starhub for S$529.
Update 12th September 2013:
Google releases LTE/4G capable Nexus 7 @ US$349 but we are awaiting confirmation if the LTE will work in Singapore.
Update 4th September 2013:
Amazon fulfils both 16GB and 32GB with free shipping option to Singapore.
Update 28th August 2013
Amazon has started fulfilling orders on the 16GB model and ships to Singapore.
Update 3rd August 2013
: HopShopGo has replied to our enquiry with the following:

“All prices in our email are listed in USD USD306 includes the item cost, BuyForMe fee (5%), and shipping, insurance, and fuel surcharge.
We recommend that you shop the Google Play store (use a VPN if necessary). Alternatively, you may search other large US online retailers (i.e., Best Buy, BuyDig, etc)
HopShopGo shoppers continue to enjoy 10% off shipping.”

Update 3rd May 2014: 32GB LTE version on should work here in Singapore according to the questions and answer on Amazon product page (stated unlocked). You will still need to purchase a subscription plan from the telcos here though. You can purchase the LTE model from this link:


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