[Kickstarter] Capture Camera Clip v2: Better Way To Carry Your Cameras

Capture Camera Clip v2 by Peak Design

A while ago we saw the first version of Capture Camera Clip and we were a bit skeptical about how it would actually work. Here at GDS some of us in the team are hobby photographers and hence the enthusiasm in these products. So when the reviews came out and we had hands-on from a friend of ours, we were kicking ourselves for not pledging earlier but at the same time blown away by how it would change the way we carry our cameras.

Even when cameras are getting smaller and better, it is still a muscle-aching task to hang even the best camera straps around your neck or shoulder for long periods, especially when walking for long distances during vacations overseas. And we haven’t mention tripods.

What Capture Camera Clip does to reduce that discomfort is by placing your camera close to your body and gives you the flexibility of distributing that stress on the shoulders, hip area or in fact almost anywhere you want. Although we haven’t used the first version extensively, we believe the best position to use the clip will eventually be at the belt area and since it is so secure we see no reason to use a strap anymore. Perhaps a wrist strap will suffice.

When Peak Design finally delivers v2, we were ecstatic and thank god they decide to put up the project on Kickstarter again. Honestly who doesn’t want one at a discount? This time round it seems they have a team to help out and a prototype ready for production so it means we should be getting this baby much faster. Early reviews also demonstrated the consistency in the quality and the new improvements are welcomed. This Kickstarter project only lasts for less than another couple weeks and if you like us, loves photography but hates the weight, do check out this awesome invention guarantee to make your outdoor shooting much more enjoyable.

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