Japan Architecture Tycoon Shimizu To Build Solar Ring Around The Moon Powering World Electricity


As crazy and far-fetched as it sounds, Japan’s architecture engineering firm Shimizu is pretty serious about constructing a Luna [solar] Ring around the moon to collect the sun’s energy and then transmitting them back to earth via microwaves, powering the world’s electricity when our fossil fuels eventually run out.

[[perfectpullquote]]All this sounds like a science fiction movie coming true[/[perfectpullquote]]

Luna Ring Masterplan

The entire masterplan is compiled into a short PDF document explaining how it works (Japanese) and plans to start leveling the moon’s surface and sending machines and equipment that will be assembled in space by year 2035. All this sounds like a science fiction movie coming true but it’s good to know there are companies who care about the limited resources we have in our generation, and they are not the first too. A similar solar project was proposed and approved in the states back in 2009 by Solaren.

Just how would Shimizu be able to pull off this colossal project and how will they get past that complex approval process to own that real estate in Moon, only time will tell but if they do here’s an overused cliché: This changes everything.


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