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[Kickstarter] HiddenRadio2 Bluetooth Multi-Speaker: More Refined With Magic Lift & Touch Controls


When we first backed the HiddenRadio a couple years ago, we were pretty amazed at how well it performs when we got it. Until today the first edition is still sitting in a corner of our office pumping out music from our computers or iPhones depending on who wants to share their tunes.

It was a great product but with first versions of everything, there were issues. Twisting up the cap was incredibly tough with a single hand since the thin rubber lining under the speakers provided little friction which got even worse after dust and dirt accumulated over time. The USB port was so badly placed we never wanted to take it off once we finally had it on. There were static noises when the battery got really low even with the charging in place. There were also complains about the volume not being loud enough but we never had a problem with that, it was pretty loud for us even without turning it to full volume.


[[perfectpullquote]]new features and automation added that it almost feels like a completely different product[/[perfectpullquote]]

But it works. It was one of the best bluetooth speakers and we love the quality of the sound it produced. So much so the HiddenRadio team made a second version. Aside from the similar design and look which isn’t a bad thing, HiddenRadio2 has quite a few new features and automation added that it almost feels like a completely different product from the first:

  • Even better sound quality delivering amazing bass and great highs
  • Mulitpoint feature allows you to link 2 HiddenRadio2 speakers for better sound experience
  • Magic Lift Technology – Touch top of the cap and HiddenRadio2 cap lifts up automatically
  • Touch Controls allow you to play, pause,¬†adjust the volume, skip forward or back, fast forward or rewind, answer a phone call, or even activate Siri simply by tapping the cap
  • Speakerphone – Perhaps one of the most important feature. With a builtin top-of-the-line noise cancelling mic, now you can do conference calls via HiddenRadio2
  • NFC Sync – Useful only if your smartphone supports NFC
[[perfectpullquote]]boils down to whether you really need those new features[/[perfectpullquote]]

If you haven’t heard of HiddenRadio before, you should probably backed this one if you have been looking around for a bluetooth speaker solution. The quality on the first edition wasn’t bad at all and if you already owned one, it really boils down to whether you really need those new features on HiddenRadio2.

HiddenRadio2 will retail for US$199 after the Kickstarter campaign ends and early birds are gone within hours of the launch, you are left with US$149 for a single piece pledge or the US$249 for two. The limited black chrome looks cool but at US$399, we say give it a miss.

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