Watch This Official Teaser Trailer: Godzilla, Worldwide Release In Theatres May 2014


Godzilla first appeared in a 1954 film in Japan, meaning Gorilla+Whale in Japanese “Gojira”, and has become a pop culture worldwide. Five decades later, Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures decides to revive the very Godzilla we all come to know in this blockbuster coming in May 2014. Starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Ken Watanabe, Elizabeth Olsen, Juliette Binoche, Sally Hawkins, David Strathairn and Bryan Cranston and directed by Gareth Edwards, the man behind the solid low-budget Monsters back in 2010.


[[perfectpullquote]]Godzilla has grown in size from 50m back then to 150m in the latest adaptation[/[perfectpullquote]]

The trailer is pretty impressive with the CGs and whatnot plus we get to catch a glimpse of the abomination and its destructive force. What’s interesting is over the years Godzilla has grown in size from 50m back then to 150m in the latest adaptation. We are guessing it wouldn’t be much of a monster or threat in this technologically advanced era if it’s only 50m tall. Bigger is better in this case.

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