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Disclaimer: If you have an existing health condition, we advise you consult your doctor first before reading further or performing the exercise mentioned in the app.

You might wonder if there’s really such a thing as a 4 minute workout. While we haven’t been doing this long enough to fully experience any big changes, what we can tell you is that the 4 minute workout does get your blood pumping, and really hard too. You shouldn’t treat it as a miracle pill though, what you eat is still vital. The key to Tabata Izumi’s workout then is a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) regime which was introduced to Olympic speedskaters back in 1996. These short, intense workouts has been tested to improved athletic capacity and condition, improved metabolic rate and fat burning.

[[perfectpullquote]]before you know it you are done for the day[/[perfectpullquote]]

There are a few apps that provides information on Tabata’s 4 minute workout but the Quick 4 Minute Workout by Tiny Hearts Limited is by far the best we have used. Simply open up the app and start working out with the stop motion videos, before you know it you are done for the day. There are features in the app where you can unlock for a small fee – tracking option, higher quality videos and voiceovers. The basic free version though will do just fine in our opinion.

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When you have gotten bored of the 4 minute workout, challenge yourself further with the 7 Minute Workout (paid app) by the same developer. No time for exercise? 4 minutes is all you need.

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