Transformers: Age Of Extinction Opens This Week

Optimus Prime turns to dinosaurs and swordplay


How could we possibly not feature this? Probably the most anticipated movie of the year, Transformers: Age of Extinction returns in its fourth instalment with same director Michael Bay and starring Mark Wahlberg, the new old face replacing Shia LaBeouf and executive produced by Steven Spielberg.

We are guessing the plot isn’t too far away from the previous ones: new transformer villains threatening to destroy the human race and Optimus Prime and the new cast of characters take them on to restore peace on earth again. What’s different this time is the introduction of Dinobots (yeah! who doesn’t love Dinobots…) and Optimus Prime for some reason turning to swords perhaps from a wardrobe malfunction.



Still, there’s absolutely no doubt we will be catching this wham-bam action pack movie while it stays on the big screen. Because seriously, nothing beats watching Transformers on the big screen, in fact go IMAX if you can afford it. Still not convinced? Watch the official trailer below and tell us you are not tempted.


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