Tessel Supply Anti-Gravity Is A Magnetic Modular Bag You Will Want

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If you ever run into the situation where you are either carrying too much or little stuff in your bag, you will understand why the Anti-Gravity Bag by Tessel Supply just might be the bag solution you ever need.

Most bags are just one-sized. When huge bags aren’t filled to a quarter of the space, it just doesn’t make much sense and a bigger problem when your bag just can’t fit the stuff you want to bring along. How about those bags that only contains one compartment, or a pricey one that has bazillion compartments that you just don’t need? Eventually you start buying new bags for different purposes and end up with a closet full of bags, some you hardly even touch but you can’t dump them since you never know when you gonna need it.

Anti-Gravity Bag tries to solve the problem by making the compartments modular using Fidlock magnets, enabling you to configure your backpack the way you want it, for different occasions. It seems like a great bag but we wish they had included a module for photography gear. The other concern we have is even though the magnets are relatively strong, it’s still going easier for snatch thieves to detach them than a fixed module.

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[[perfectpullquote]]Anti-Gravity Bag is less useful in specific situations[/[perfectpullquote]]

Tessel Supply is no doubt trying to target a wider consumer range by putting out a modular bag solution for multi-purpose use, and by doing that being less useful in specific situations. However if you are looking for a work or study bag to carry around all day with casual activities, Anti-Gravity just might be the last bag replacement you will need. Anti-Gravity is available for pre-order on Kickstarter and will ship to selected countries in February 2015, unfortunately Singapore isn’t included in their list but you can probably use mail-forwarding services such as vPost or HopShopGo which will probably cost the same.

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