LTA latest Taxi-Taxi app can actually be useful to commuters and Taxi drivers

Don't use it like a taxi booking app


When LTA released their latest Taxi-Taxi app last week, they gotten quite a bit of bad press and negative feedback from the public. Upon downloading the app, we could see why since the app doesn’t actually lets you book a taxi but instead only shows you how many taxis are in the vicinity and letting you broadcast your location, hoping a taxi will come along and pick you up.

The problem, if there is even one, is that LTA didn’t build a taxi booking app and we can see why. LTA is after all a statutory board which governs and oversees the roads and traffic in Singapore, providing traffic information and statistics is what their strength lies. Plus there are already four independent taxi booking apps in Singapore – Uber, GrabTaxi, EasyTaxi and Hailo. There’s clearly no need for yet another taxi booking app.

[[perfectpullquote]]Taxi-Taxi isn’t a taxi booking app[/[perfectpullquote]]

The real problem is that most folks believe that the Taxi-Taxi app is a taxi booking app and trying to use it as one, but it really isn’t. Here’s where we believe Taxi-Taxi app can really shine – acting as a compliment app to existing taxi booking apps, letting users know if there are taxis around their area and giving them a better picture if they should book or try hailing a taxi off the nearest road saving booking fees. Taxi drivers should then rely on the broadcast information provided by Taxi-Taxi app to more accurately determine taxi demand instead of roaming around looking for commuters.

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Taxi-Taxi is a location-sharing app that requires usage from both parties, commuters and taxi driver, in order for it work. The challenge then for LTA now is getting as many commuters to use to app since without that data, they will have a hard time to convincing taxi drivers and eventually commuters to use it in the long run.

Taxi-Taxi app is available free for download in Apple App Store and Google Play now.

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