Unreal Engine 4 and Unity 5 Personal Edition is now free to download

Calling all aspiring 3D game developers


If you love something, set it free. That’s the tagline that comes with the announcement that Unreal Engine 4 will be free for download, which is great news except you would have to give them back 5% royalty if your game or product makes more than US$3,000 per quarter.

That’s all great news and coincidentally (or not) Unity 3D released their version 5 a day after Unreal announcement and similarly Personal Edition is free to download as well. Unity 3D doesn’t take any royalty in comparison, their business model still pretty much rely on subscriptions or a one-time purchase which includes professional features such as analytics and reports.

If you are a interested to become a game developer, naturally you will be torn between choosing which engine to start on. Apart from doing your own research to find out which engine to start on, you should also be looking out for the engines recent games are using – You can Unity 3D list of games here and Unreal Engine ones here.

Below are a couple of videos from Unreal Engine 4 and Unity 5, both highlighting what they are capable of, though we find Unreal one a little more amazing.

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