Popular Korean snack bar chain Churro101 opens its first store in Bugis+

Forget about 'youtiao', here comes churros


Though it’s origin is unclear (some say it’s a modified youtiao from China), churros are a popular fried-dough snack in Spain, Philippines, Portugal and the states. Churro101 hails its success from Korea and now they have just opened their first store here in Singapore located on the 4th level in Bugis+.

Fans of churros will get to try out unique variations of the snack with chocolate custard, cream cheese or milk custard fillings. For the purists, there’s also the original cinnamon and sugar churros. Customers can also choose to upgrade with an additional chocolate dip for 80 cents.

Prices of the churros range from $3.50 to $4.70 each. Churro101 is set to open their next store soon, so look out for the next promotion on their Facebook page.

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