Gravity Chopsticks will keep the tips sanitary and away from the table surface

Eliminates the need for a chopstick rest


Let’s face it, we hate placing our chopsticks on the table. The excessive worry of ingesting bacteria, dust and who-knows-what after attaching themselves to the tip of our chopsticks if we leave them on the table will not go away, even for non-OCDs.

Here comes Gravity Chopsticks to the rescue. By combining everyday physics, this nifty re-invention of one of the most used utensils in our lives will make your meals a little more comfortable. Simply rest the sleek-looking Gravity Chopsticks on any of its sides and the gravity will lift the tips off with its weight at the back, keeping it clean and hygienic. Since the Gravity Chopsticks isn’t round, it also won’t roll off plates or bowls easily.

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Designed and manufactured in San Diego, California, the Gravity Chopsticks is available for pre-order now on Kickstarter in maple and walnut wood colours. However, at US$24 (+US$15 for shipping to Singapore) a pair, it could be the most expensive utensil in your kitchen.

Pre-order from Kickstarter

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