Buy this Refurbished Sony Playstation 4 set for only S$369 if you dare

One year warranty by seller


You know it’s a good deal when you see a price like this, but things can get a little scary when the term “Refurbished” gets in the way.

That’s what this Sony Playstation 4 set is all about, a refurbished one that will only set you back by a mere S$369, a ridiculously low price no matter where you look. That’s not the only worry if you decide to take the plunge, the seller explicitly states that the product is from Korean market and you are on your own to seek Sony Singapore regarding its worldwide warranty.

Scary stuff aside, it’s clearly a good price and who knows, it might just serve you well for a few years until PS5 gets released. For what it’s worth, there’s still a year warranty by the seller, which also means you need to ship it back to Korea if sh*t happens and if they are still in business during the one-year period.

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You’ve got a couple of days to decide before the sale ends, or if it sells out.

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