Circles.Life now offers iPhone 7 with $28 no-contract 6GB data mobile plans

$2 more for unlimited incoming calls


You’d probably haven’t heard of Circles.Life, they are somewhat the fourth telco in Singapore. Somewhat because they leased their lines from M1.

That said, they have been catching some attention among the younger crowds since they offer 6GB (4GB base + 2GB in bonuses) data upfront, unlimited Whatsapp, 100-minute talktime and free Caller-ID for just $28 per month, no contract basis.

Here’s another good news, they have started offering iPhone 7 (same price as Apple store) on their website along with interest-free installment plans up to 24 months. There’s no 7 Plus and only the matte-black and rose gold colours are available at the moment.

Value wise, it boils down to which subscription plan you are on with your current telco. A typical mid-tier $62 subscription with 300 minutes of talk time and 4GB data along with an iPhone 7 128GB model will cost you a little over $2,000 in 2 years. With the Circles.Life, you pay roughly $100+ lesser in comparison provided you don’t exceed the limited talktime. If you are on a existing lower tier subscription, you probably won’t enjoy much savings switching to Circles.Life (with iPhone 7) but you don’t get tied down with a contract.

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For the data hungry folks who don’t wish to buy a new phone or prefer to look for more affordable smartphones, Circles.Life subscription is likely to offer the best value in the long term.

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Bonus Data: New subscriber or signing up soon? Enter promo code SGCIRCLES in the Bonus section of the app and enjoy extra 200MB to your account forever!

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