People are going bonkers over these Detox Foot Patches on Groupon

Because they are dirt cheap

Detox Foot Patches but do they work?

The picture clearly doesn’t say much, but these foot patches are surprisingly one of the bestselling items on Groupon.

For folks who believed foot massages improve their well-being, these Detox Foot Patches could mean something. According to the listing on Groupon, the description is nothing short of a miracle – Helps to regulate overall blood circulation and metabolism by eliminating toxins and activating cells to improve vital organ function by speeding up nutrient delivery to cells.

It goes further to claim that the foot patches can decrease fatigue, stress, improving sleep quality and aids weight loss. Simply apply twice weekly before sleep and remove in the morning. Say goodbye to your doctor because these patches are the last thing you’ll ever need.

Steps to apply the foot patches

Fortunately, the ingredients are listed so that you know what you are getting into. It includes a medley of wood vinegar extract, bamboo vinegar extract, chitin and chitosan, tourmaline, vitamin C, vegetable fibre, negative ion powder, and dextrin.

Perhaps the best news about these patches is its price, a mere $18.90 for 100 pieces of it. That means you pay less than 20c per piece and for the record, you can apply them on your elbows and back as well.

More than 2,700 Groupons already sold in case you are wondering.


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