Flic is a physical button Mac users never knew they need

Extra buttons to control stuff

Flic physical button for Mac

Ever wanted to control a particular app on your Mac computer without touching the mouse or keyboard? Take a look at Flic, the wireless smart button that was created to control mobile apps is now compatible with Mac.

Technically, Flic is simply a Bluetooth button that connects to your smartphone or Mac you can use for switching up tunes on Spotify, presentation clicker, turn on/off smart lights and much more including integration with Slack, IFTTT and Zapier. The possibilities are endless, and developers are continuously improving and fulfilling requests from the community.

Flic is the brainchild of Shortcut Labs which started as an Indiegogo project 2 years ago raising close to a million dollars in pre-orders.

At US$34.99 per button or US$99.99 for a pack of four before shipping, it’s a little pricey but if you who are looking to squeeze that extra productivity out of your day, Flic just might be the missing button you have been looking for.

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