The ‘Notch Remover’ is the weirdest app you can buy for your iPhone X

It removes the notch... sort of

Should Notch Remover be allowed in App Store?

Got your new iPhone X but not loving the notch at the top? Here’s an app that will remove it… or at least it seems.

The Notch Remover sells for S$1.48 on the App Store and when you first look at it, the screengrabs give the impression it is able to magically remove the notch at the top.

No more top notch… or is it?

Sounds too good to be true, it actually is. What the app does instead is it creates a wallpaper of your choice with a black bar to cover the notch, which also means it will only work on your lock and home screen – the notch still appears on all other apps.

Still can’t figure out what’s going on? Watch as Unbox Therapy tests out the app below.

It’s strange why Apple would allow an app like this on the App Store, it’s misleading and clearly, anyone can create a wallpaper with a black bar without using this app.

For a small fee, the app at best gives you the convenience of painting a black bar on your favourite wallpaper but if you are hoping it will permanently remove that notch, you probably have to wait a little longer.

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