This is why you should always pay attention to your banking or account related emails

Security alert from POSB and DBS

A sample phishing email (Photo: DBS Bank)

Phishing emails are unbecoming these days with scammers resorting to formulating emails that looked like the real thing. For the unfamiliar, phishing emails are attempts to steal sensitive information and passwords by disguising as a trusted website.

The simplest way to detect a phishing email is by hovering over links in the email to find out where they lead to and if they are not pointing to the official bank sites, chances are you have been targeted as a potential phishing victim.

Other telltale signs include using fake official logos, misspellings, suspicious sender address and email contents that specifically ask for sensitive information.

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DBS and POSB have recently issued security alerts to the media and customers, highlighting the threat which could lead to fraudulent transactions.

Here’s a useful video from Public Safety Canada that perfectly explains phishing emails:

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