Internet goes crazy over iPhone spacebar trick that few people knew about

Only on iPhone 6S and above

The iPhone spacebar trick very few know about

Have an iPhone? Bet you didn’t know about this trick.

Yesterday, someone by the Twitter handle @krissys_kitchen revealed that she discovered a spacebar feature on the iPhone she should have known about.

Turns out when you are typing a message and you hold down on the spacebar, you can actually move it like a cursor on the paragraph.

Here’s the actual Twitter message.

It appears a lot of people didn’t know about this useful trick either. The tweet has gotten almost 57k retweets and over 130k likes at the time of this writing.

iPhone 6S and above

The trick, however, only works with the latest iOS 12 and iPhone 6S and above. Yes, that means your latest iPhone XR, XS and XS Max too.

We tested on an old iPhone 6 with iOS 12 and it didn’t work. According to a reply on the Twitter thread, that is because the feature only works with newer devices with 3D Touch a.k.a Force Touch.

So there you have it – we all learn something new every day.

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