A One Piece Augmented Reality Escape Game is coming to Sentosa this December

One Piece Escape Game is coming to Sentosa!

In case you didn’t know, there’s a One Piece Exhibition happening at Sentosa right now.

There’s an official One Piece Exhibition making its way to Singapore this November

Besides the exhibition, fans of the popular Japanese manga and anime series can also take part in an augmented reality escape puzzle hunt which will begin later this month.

The escape game titled One Piece Puzzle Hunt uses the part of the Sentosa island in the adventure.

Here’s the map in case you want to have a headstart and plan out the fastest routes.

There’s also a storyline accompanying the escape game:

Sentosa Island, a place of mystery somewhere on the Grand Line. 
A massive storm destroyed your ship, and you barely managed to reach the shore.
Now you are stranded.
While you search for a way off, you encounter a ship on the beach.
It’s the Thousand Sunny, the famed Straw Hat Pirates’ ship!
You decide to approach and ask for help.

Players can choose to download an app to assist in puzzle-solving locations around Sentosa Island.

Alternatively, if for some reason the app isn’t working, players can continue the game with the Supplement Board at each checkpoint.

You can download the app first on App Store here or Google Play here.

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There’s also an official website to let you test the app.

All players who play the game will receive an exclusive set of Straw Hat Pirate cards. Here’s a photo of how the card set looks like.

Tickets are priced at $30 per person. Registration for the game is 1 min away from Beach Station, in front of iFly.

The game requires an average of two hours to play but Sentosa also says players may spend more than one day to play the game.

Event Details

What: One Piece Puzzle Hunt
Where: Sentosa Island, Singapore
When: 14 December 2018 – 13 February 2019
Opening Hours: 10am – 7pm (last registration at 5pm)

Learn more from Official Website

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