Here’s how to get Cedmex Mexico Wild Abalone for $157 per can this weekend till January 6

Because Mexico ones taste best

Abalones from Mexico are usually the first to sell out just before Chinese New Year arrives. According to abalone aficionados, these priced wild-caught Mexican shellfish are always tastier and are only available in limited quantities per season.

Additionally, they don’t contain any flavour enhancers or preservatives – only salt and water.

Cedmex is one of the trusted brands when it comes to abalones from Mexico but they usually cost above $180 or more during festive seasons.

Here’s how you can grab two cans at $156.80 each this weekend on Qoo10:

  • First, collect Qoo10’s $50 discount coupon here
  • Follow the seller’s shop on the listing here and collect the $10 shop coupon
  • Purchase two cans of Cedmex¬†Abalone (1.5H)
  • Checkout and apply the $50 and $10 coupon and the total price should be $313.60

According to the seller, the expiry date for these Cedmex batch is in March 2022 which is as fresh as it gets.

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It also comes with free shipping, which saves you the trip of lugging these heavy cans around.

Buy from Qoo10 now

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