Barista in Starbucks Canada creates ‘White Rabbit Candy’ Frappuccino. She even shared the recipe

White Rabbit Candy comeback is real

White Rabbit Candy has been trending lately.

The nostalgic milk candy that originated from China has inspired cafe and eateries to come up with White Rabbit ice cream in Malaysia and even lip balm in China.

Yes, lip balm.


Here comes White Rabbit Frappuccino

Now we have… White Rabbit Frappuccino. Created by Christy Lee, a barista working in Starbucks Canada after she noticed the trend for milk tea and White Rabbit Candy lately.

Even her friend who tasted it said it tastes like it.

Secret recipes in Starbucks are nothing new and most baristas are willing to create them as long they have the recipe for them.

Here’s the recipe for creating the White Rabbit Frappuccino:

  • Syrup creme frap
  • Brown butter shortbread sauce – Tall/Grande (2 pumps), Venti (3 pumps)

Have a buddy working as a Starbucks barista in Singapore? You might want to get them to try replicating it, although we don’t know if they have the exact same sauces.

Besides the much-loved White Rabbit Frappuccino, Christy Lee has also shared her other recipes for Thai Iced Tea, Milk Tea Frappuccino and HK Lemon Tea.

Thai Iced Tea


  • Black iced tea with no extra water
  • No LCS (liquid cane sugar)
  • Sub brown butter shortbread – Tall (2 pumps), Grande (3 pumps), Venti (4 pumps)

Milk Tea Frappuccino


  • Syrup Creme Frap
  • Black sesame sauce – Tall (1 pump), Grande (2 pumps), Venti (3 pumps)
  • Black tea powder – Tall (2 scoops), Grande (3 scoops), Venti (4 scoops)

HK Lemon Tea


  • Honey citrus mint tea
  • Sub for English breakfast tea bags

H/T: Recipe photos from @whatthechristy

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