7-Eleven S’pore now selling Limited Edition ‘Ghost Pepper’ Mamee noodle snack that’s ridiculously spicy

Only limited stocks

Ultra-spicy limited edition Mamee noodle snack now available in 7-Eleven

A while ago, this special Mamee snack can only be found in 1 out of 100 Mamee multipack bags.

Starting today, you won’t need to buy bags of Mamee noodle snacks to hunt for it as 7-Eleven Singapore will be selling the Ghost Pepper Mamee directly on their shelves in stores.

The 24-hour convenience store announced it earlier on their Facebook page.

Limited time and stocks

The Ghost Pepper Mamee will be available in limited quantities at $1.50 each (5 packs), a small price to pay to try it but pricey considering a multi-pack bag of 12 x Mamee noodle snack only costs only $2.30 in supermarkets here.

Screengrab from FairPrice online

Extremely Spicy

Be warned though, the snack is extremely spicy and not for suitable for kids or those with weak stomachs or high blood pressure.

The noodles inside have a charcoal-like colour and even comes with a label that says “Eat at your own risk“.

Photo: @kakakfaa

It is similar to Mamee’s Daebak Ghost Pepper Spicy Chicken Noodles, which has a spiciness score of 1 million units on the Scoville scale.

Chilli padi, in comparison, only has 100,000 units.

Here’s a reaction video from a YouTuber (Chinese) after trying the noodle snack.

7-Eleven, however, did not disclose which stores stocks the snack so you might have to check a few stores.

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