8 adorable Shiba Inu dogs are up for adoption for pet lovers, but has with strict interview criteria

Not HDB approved in case you're wondering

Whether you are a dog owner or someone who wish to own one, here’s a rare breed you might be interested to adopt.

Shiba Inu Adoption by VFA

Voices for Animals (VFA) is a group of animal lovers that rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes retired breeding dogs and they have recently acquired 8 dogs of Shiba Inu breed, which is a breed of hunting dog from Japan.

All of them are estimated to be around 6 years and above.


There’s even a black one.

They might look adorable but some dog lovers have mentioned they are not an easy breed to handle due to their temperament and character.

Which, in other words, means you shouldn’t adopt them on impulse.

Who can adopt?

According to VFA, these Shiba Inu dogs are not HDB-approved and will outright reject applications from flat owners.

For other potential adopters, they will be required to answer a long list of 30 questions along with a second round of face-to-face interview if selected.

Here are the questions:

  1. Any experience with dogs? Please elaborate as much as possible..
  2. any experience with Shiba Inu?
  3. current household members in the family?
  4. does the family has any current pets? If so, please state all.
  5. who is your current Vet? (For those with pets), which clinic? *please state as we will verify with the vet and clinic*
  6. type of residential
  7. current job
  8. relationship status (newly wed)
  9. Any young kids
  10. Does you pet goes for any obedience training? If so please state, (applies to current dog owner)
  11. which is your pet regular groomer? (Please state the name & shop name)
  12. House visit applies by the volunteers.
  13. application of Dog license is applicable at point of adoption.
  14. what are your pet diet?
  15. Does you pet goes for any boarding or day-care, if so, please state.
  16. Expats, please state the duration you will be staying in Singapore? Do you have any current pets? Did you bring your pets together with you when you were posted to Singapore? Will you bring your adopted pet together with you when you have another oversea posting?
  17. applicants must be of 21 years old and above, the entire family must be present during the interviewing and screening, if you do have helpers back home, helpers will need to be present during the interview.
  18. Adoption fee applies at $300
  19. All adopted dogs has to be sterilized and are not allowed to be use for any breeding.
  20. what do you know about shiba inu?
  21. Are you aware that they can be very stubborn and they are one escape artist breed?
  22. Do you know the amount of fur they sheds?
  23. Have you handled an aggressive dog before?
  24. Have you handled or owned a dog that had behavioural issues?
  25. If a dog fight, do you know how to separate a fight (reason, because some of them are fighter dogs)
  26. What’s you best understanding in owning a shiba?
  27. Do you roughly know about the expected financial cost involved in keeping a dog? How far would you go in financing should the dog required a surgery.
  28. will you have the time to commit in getting the dog properly trained with a trainer (ethical ones) how far would you go?
  29. Have you ever surrender a pet before? Reason?
  30. please share as much as possible on #30 to get my attention.

If you can confidently answer the above questions, you can send an email to VFA via [email protected] to apply.

You can also find more information from the Facebook post below.

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Posted by Voices For Animals on Friday, April 9, 2021

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