Dreame new Glory Hair Dryer with 2min Fast Drying & Magnetic Essence Attachment goes on sale for S$159

Equipped with a 110,000rpm motor

Dreame’s new Glory Hair Dryer has the world’s 1st Essence add-on attachment

Achieving the perfect hairstyle often feels like an uphill battle but that’s about to change with Dreame’s new hair dryer.

A World First

The Glory Hair Dryer features the world’s first hair dryer with an innovative magnetic Essence add-on attachment that introduces a subtle scent of raspberries, cherries and rose to your hair.

The benefits are not just aromatic – it is backed by testing and certification that results in improved hair elasticity (+37.1%), enhanced hair moisture (+19.5%), unprecedented smoothness (+136.2%), and shinier hair (+62%).

Powerful Airflow and Efficient Drying

Equipped with a 110,000rpm motor, Dreame Hair Glory generates a powerful 70m/s airspeed and 55m³/h air volume, making it capable of drying shoulder-length hair in as little as 2 minutes.

300 Million Negative Ions

The hair dryer releases a high concentration of gold negative ions, smoothing hair and locking in moisture for a silky and elegant finish. Scientifically tested and proven, this feature ensures your hair remains healthy and vibrant.

Other highlights of the Glory Hair Dryer include multiple temperature modes including constant and hot/cold cycle modes, travel-friendly weighing at just 345g and smart NTC temperature sensing that ensures consistent and even heating to reduce split ends, hair damage and colour fading effectively.

Perhaps the best news is the Dreame Glory Hair Dryer is now having a Christmas sale starting at just $159 after applying the shop coupon. This exclusive offer is available at Dreame Singapore’s official store on Shopee.

What’s more, your purchase comes with a 2-year official local warranty, automatically activated upon product shipment.

Act fast, as this special sale concludes on 27 December (Wed). Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to grab the hair dryer at a discounted price.

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