Casio S’pore to launch Environment-Themed G-SHOCK Model made using Recycled Waste on Apr 26

Captivating random patterns on watch band

New G-SHOCK model made using recycle waste resin is coming to S’pore this week

Here’s a timepiece that embodies Casio’s commitment to sustainable watchmaking.

Special Sustainable Watch Model

In celebration of G-SHOCK’s birthday earlier this month, Casio unveils its newest environmental initiative with the launch of the G-5600BG model. This innovative timepiece is crafted using recycled waste resin, marking a significant step towards sustainability in the world of watchmaking.

One of the key features of the G-5600BG model is its unique construction using recycled waste resin. The bezel and band are meticulously crafted by blending G-SHOCK’s signature red and yellow pulverized waste resin with a new matte black base resin. This process creates captivating random patterns on each model, giving them a distinct appearance that seamlessly complements both casual and formal attire.

The foundation of this eco-friendly timepiece is the G-5600, which boasts a Tough Solar system capable of harnessing electrical power from light sources. Additionally, the urethane bezel and band are crafted from recycled waste plastic, further contributing to the watch’s reduced environmental impact.

The result is a stunning fusion of G-SHOCK’s iconic design elements with cutting-edge sustainable materials and functionalities. The G-5600BG model not only exemplifies style and durability but also embodies G-SHOCK’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

As consumers increasingly prioritize sustainability, G-SHOCK’s initiative to incorporate recycled materials into their products sets a new standard for eco-conscious innovation within the watch industry. With the G-5600BG model, G-SHOCK continues to lead the way towards a more sustainable and stylish future.

The upcoming G-SHOCK G-5600BG will retail for S$199 and will be available in stores and online starting from 26 April (Fri) this week.

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