Crocs Sales at Thye Hong Centre after review













For the recent Crocs Warehouse Sale, we got one of our GDS Team member to survey the ground at Thye Hong Centre on Sunday.

Crowd control was implemented at the ground level lift by the management to regulate the number of people getting up to the sales area. The average waiting time was around an hour before one can get up. As we can see, the people felt that such wait is still worthwhile for such great deals.

Reaching on the fifth level, our member was quite surprise to find out that the ‘sales area’ was situated at the corridor. Everyone were crowding around the boxes in search for their desired shoes. The place was not very ventilated and the staffs of Crocs could been seen bathing in their sweat while facilitating the sales event.

Understanding from the management that the crowd control was implemented at the ground level as there was a serious overcrowding situation the day before on Saturday.  Another problem was, they underestimated the crowds coming for the sale (maybe they underestimated our great numbers of loyal viewers that will get the news. :P ), only minimum number of stocks were being brought over. So please forgive the management and its hardworking staffs.

For those who are not able to get your desired shoes or missed this event, do not worry! The management have told us that within the next few weeks, they will be organising another warehouse sale at a bigger and nicer place, of course not forgetting to bring enough stocks. So stay tuned with us!

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