Nectar @ Wangz Hotel (Lunch)

Good Food, Great Service

Located at the doorway of Tiong Bahru moments away from the hassle of the CBD, Wangz’s Nectar offers a lunch time haven for executives looking for a culinary experience that spares no quality.

The first thing that will strike you as you enter Wangz, is that you will be immediately transported into world of heart-warming hospitality. The savvy architecture shields diners from the on-goings of the world outside, even though its surrounding is a rush of vehicles and pedestrians. At the same time still displaying the nostalgic view of old time low rise Tiong Bahru.  The deco impresses with its comforting colours and nature shape themes. And as you are seated with the help of the friendly service staff, your anticipation of a satisfying meal naturally raises, matching your already relaxed senses.

Nectar serves a selection of modern cuisine with Asian influences and a respectable range of cocktails, liqueur and wines.  The menu, though not unfamiliar, is filled with eccentricities; like the ‘Warm seafood salad’ and the ‘Mushroom Cappuccino soup’.

I had the fine privilege of sampling (actually it was more than just sampling) more than my fair share of starters, mains and desserts. And here are my recommendations.

Warm seafood salad ($14.00*)

This is actually an excuse for a salad, and a good one I might add. I don’t know the exact calorie count for this dish, but it sure doesn’t guilt you like a full seafood platter. And still it provides enough satisfaction even if you chose to have this as a main. This is what’s being served, ‘Warm seafood salad-Grilled prawns, scallop, squid and deep-fried soft shell crab, served with petite salad and lemon dressing’ appetite wet yet?

Mushroom Cappuccino soup ($8.00*)

This dish is on my recommendation list, because on your own you would be on the fence about trying it. You are probably thinking, ‘mushrooms and cappuccino?’ The same question came up in my mind, but of course I had to try it, occupational hazard. Thankfully, it was delightful. ‘Cappuccino’ is not descriptive of the taste but of the presentation. It has your body of mushroom soup and your layer of soup ‘foam’. That is not to say that the taste is of the ordinary category.  The menu writes ‘Mushroom cappuccino soup-with sautéed champignon and truffle-scented oil’. The smell of truffle-scented oil hits you first as approach your first spoonful. I am a fan of both mushrooms and truffle, and it pleases me to announce that the combination works like a charm. With any mushroom dish, and my guess is, even with mushroom soup it is important not to mask the mushroom taste, with truffle oil that is always a risk. The ‘mushroom cappuccino’ brings both flavours out nicely!

Spiny Lobster and Ink Pasta ($20.00*)

Another of Nectar’s more adventurous creations; ‘Spiny Lobster and Ink Pasta-Sautéed lobster, prime asparagus and flambé of Cognac squid ink spaghetti  in tomato cream sauce’ I singled out this main to give courage to those who are more conservative in their choices. Two things stand out of this dish, the visual and the aroma. The Ink pasta without saying is black, not the most common of food colours and there is a deep aroma that I could not really put my finger on. My first guess was truffle oil (because of the soup I suppose) but that wasn’t it. I had decided that it must be the Cognac. The tomato cream sauce is in true fusion style, just the right amount of tomato and cream. The best part is, after you have navigated your way through the Ink pasta with the tomato cream sauce together with the encompassing aroma of Cognac, waiting for you would be a generous portion of Lobster cooked to perfection, sweet and juicy!

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Fruits and Sorbet (with set lunch)

And on to deserts! Nothing overly fancy, just a mix of strawberries, blueberries, orange, honeydew, grapefruit, apple and rock melon served in a martini glass topped with lemon flavoured sorbet.  Sweet and refreshing, a simple and great way to end the meal.

I would like to specially mention the superb hospitality at Wangz. When we arrived at the carpark, we were received by one of the staff doing some sort of logistic work (laundry?). It was as though he has personally given us an invitation and has been eagerly anticipating our arrival. All the way through our meal, we were treated like family guests, with smiles on end a no rush service. I consciously felt more comfortable in direct relation to their service. I asked about the cause of such good service (training?) and the reply was a modest ‘there isn’t any real training, but I guess we are relatively small and that creates a family feel’.

Set Lunch

Nectar would be starting their set lunch specials; add $6++ to any main course for Soup or Salad and Desert! Definitely a Great Deal, don’t miss it!

Starter: Cesar Salad with Smoked Salmon/Cumin-spiced Prawns/Bacon Bits or the Chef’s Soup of the Day.
Dessert: Crème Brulee or fruit salad with sorbet

*Prices are exclusive of service charge and prevailing GST rates

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