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Book Depository Contest, One Winner To 50 Crime & Mystery Books

Are you an avid quiz/problem solver, or a fan of crime fiction and mystery books? If you are(or not), take part in this mind-boggling contest organized by Book Depository and stand a chance to walk away with 50 crime and mystery books! Every day they will release one clue to the mystery of Damian Blade’s death and there are 8 clues altogether. You can enter your answer as soon as you know the answer or wait for all the clues.

Clue No. 1
It’s nearing midnight. Damian Blade is lying dead next to his beloved, albeit moth-eaten armchair. Perhaps you wouldn’t be able to tell immediately but, make no mistake, curious friend, Damian stopped breathing two hours ago. There is no murder weapon to be found. The room is locked from the inside and the absence of life is deafening…
Clue No. 2

As far as heartbeats go, Damian’s could have powered a medium-sized android. The coroner entertains the notion that his heart could have reached 300 beats per minute nearing his death. Funny thing, the heart. It beats too fast and you’re in trouble. It beats too slowly and you’re in trouble. It beats just fine and you’re bored.

The autopsy revealed that Damian suffered a lethal cardiac arrest. But what caused it? The coroner was at a loss. Perhaps you, dear reader, might be able to discover what was to blame for it…

*We will update the clues here as and when they come…

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