[Infographic] Cost of a Child

Education is vital for the development of your child. Our children can be easily molded at an such an early age and planning for their development is extremely important. But did you know that by the time your newborn turns 18 and is ready to go off to college that tuition at that time will be close to $81,000 dollars? It’s not only tuition that needs to be planned for. Almost everything you will need to provide for your child is increasing in price.

Raising a child is not an easy task for any parent and the rising cost of expenses is making it increasingly difficult to provide everything you want for your child. The stress on your wallet leads to the stress in your love life too. Raising a child raises the likelihood of depression and puts a strain on marriages. The good news is we love our kids and we’d do anything for them. This infographic highlights the challenges in raising a child. Challenges that we’d go through a million times over for the development of our children.

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