1-For-1 Hair Loss Defence Treatment TK Trichokare

In modern and medieval times alike there has been powerful link between thick hair and femininity.
Hair has always been a powerful indicator of health, and in many societies it also extends to
attractiveness and desirability. TK TrichoKare, founded on the use of European Botanicals aims to help
ladies combat hair loss and the problems caused by the stresses of premature hairfall. They help ladies
to regain lost hair and to prolong youthful hair growth.

As a pioneer and leader in the trichological market, TrichoKare employs the unique combination of
Trichologist and Herbalist to achieve scalp and hair health using the natural healing abilities of premium
European Botanicals. With this enerising, effective and relaxing solution, clients can enjoy their therapy
sessions in a pleasant, spa-like environment while professional hair specialists tend to their hair issues
with solutions derived from premium European Botanicals. These herbs and flowers such as Rosemary,
Burdock and even Nettles are also more pleasant in terms of smell and application.

With an increasingly stressful life, and ever more detrimental environmental factors ladies are more
aware than ever before of the benefits of properly managing their scalp health in a variety of situations
for the absolute best effect. And as a natural extension of our bodies, the more discerning ladies have
continued a tradition of natural, herbal remedies that nurture our hair scalp rather than relying on
harsh, chemical treatments that cause as much damage as anything else. Most importantly the whole
experience must be enjoyable, natural and complement the senses in the best possible way.

With the wide range of quality Botanical-based hair and scalp care solutions researched in European
laboratories, TrichoKare customers can also be assured of the very best in scalp and hair care. The roots
of hair problems are treated in a professional, systematic way to ensure a low chance of re-occurrence.

If you’d like to get to the bottom of your hair and scalp problems with a highly professional, effective
and relaxing solution TK TrichoKare is offering a 1 for 1 Hair Loss Defence Treatment @ $59.99 as a
special promotion via Great Deals Singapore. In additional the first 50 appointments will be entitled
to a FREE Botanical Hair Loss Defence Ampoule worth $129!

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