[AOTW] App Of The Week: Hundreds

Hundreds iOS Game

When we think of a good mobile game, it’s always about the best graphic, the unique storyline and attractive characters. Hundreds is none of those and yet it has managed to disrupt the mobile gaming category by simply building well… a simple game. The game is amazingly minimalistic yet challenging – a wrong touch is all it takes to make you cringe, and it is unbelievably addictive.


Hundreds iOS App

The concept of the game lies in getting the score of 100 in each level. The circles turn red and accumulates scores when you click them but the catch is you can’t have them touching each other when it’s red. As with any game it starts easy and by the 10th level onwards, we guarantee you will be pulling your hair off. Hundreds is packed with a myriad of mechanics which leaves you with infinite strategies to beat the game, so much so every retry feels like a unique experience. You might notice some similarities if you have played Osmos before but ultimately we still feel both games offer vastly different gaming experiences.

We adore this one and we ask you give it a go if you are the patient mobile gamer ready to pounce on the most challenging game. Not the cheapest puzzle game at US$4.99 but in our opinion Hundreds is definitely worth every penny.

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