Philips Hue Wireless Lighting System: Controlling Light Temperature & Color From Smartphone


Have you ever wish you could switch on your lights when you are about to reach home, or the time when you go on a long holiday/business trip wondering if there’s a way you brighten up your home to deter burglars or prying eyes from thinking your house is empty, or perhaps changing the color or temperature of the lights for different purposes such as reading, movies, romantic dinner, etc?

[fve][/fve] [[perfectpullquote]]the capabilities of Philips Hue lighting system is only limited by your creativity[/[perfectpullquote]]

Well now you can, and the capabilities of Philips Hue wireless lighting system is only limited by your creativity. Hue can help you to relax or concentrate, change the atmosphere of a room, help keep your house safe when you’re out, even remind you of that magical moment on vacation all from your smart device.

Philips Hue can also indirectly improve our health by helping you fall asleep better and faster. Research has shown that blue light with cooler temperature colors affects our brain to perceive day from night and could delay our sleepiness resulting in lesser sleeping time. We featured f.lux a couple years back, a software that changes computer screens to a warmer color temperature at night to protect our eyes, improve reading and sleeping. Adjusting the light temperature of the lights have the same effect.


[[perfectpullquote]]Philips Hue comes closest to improving our lives in this aspect[/[perfectpullquote]]

Philips Hue has arrived in Singapore and you can view a demo at their showroom in Toa Payoh, a starter kit that comes with 3 bulbs and a proprietary wireless bridge device will set you back by S$319. Philips has no doubt created a solid product and software combination to attract early adopters yet despite that it’s still pretty pricey for a few color-changing lightbulbs. Eventually there will be more affordable solutions when there is a growing demand and competition in this technology but until then Philips Hue comes closest to improving our lives in this aspect.


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