New Reversible USB Cable Standard Promises To Remove Long Due Frustration


While the group managing USB standards has begun to work on a new USB cable that will make our lives a lot easier, the folks at Foxconn has came up with a concept of the actual cable. Note that this isn’t the exact standard but simply how Foxconn perceive it and shouldn’t be too far off anyway.

[[perfectpullquote]]look and function similar to Apple’s lightning connector[/[perfectpullquote]]
USB 4th Dimension

USB 4th Dimension

The long frustrating decade of twisting and turning USB connectors will finally be put to rest with the introduction of USB 3.1 Type C standard which, based on the visual, suggests that the new design will look and function similar to Apple’s lightning connector – it doesn’t matter which side gets plugged in. It is not all sunshine and rainbows though, what will happen to legacy USB cables and ports that are residing on our existing computers and gadgets? Even Apple’s Thunderbolt port has difficulty making headway in mainstream usage due to it’s costly setup. The new USB standard won’t be an immediate remedy, just like USB 3.0 it will require some time before PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone manufacturers start implementing it.

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The USB frustration is indeed a first-world problem long due, one that isn’t big enough to require an immediate attention yet it annoys us almost everyday of our lives. Let’s just hope XKCD’s comic is proven wrong this time round and the new standard will once and for all (optimistically) improve our lives forever.


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