Send & Receive Cash Digitally With DBS PayLah Mobile Wallet App


Sending cash via the internet is always a hassle, despite the easiest of banking apps and FAST transfer. DBS wants to solve that problem by introducing PayLah – a mobile wallet app that allows you to simply top up an amount to your PayLah wallet and then using the app to send or receive cash quickly to anyone you know via mobile number.

The DBS PayLah app is still in it’s infancy (v1.0) when we first tested it but the takeaway is that it works pretty well, whoever’s the team behind this app is getting it correct. It’s simple to use and get things right although you do have to get past a few security checks with some SMS verification and using your iBanking token during first use. We tried a few top-ups and sending and receiving and it works as advertised, retrieving money from the wallet app back to your account is snappy too.


Being a tech-savvy country, the public still pretty conservative about using cash digitally and perhaps more so with recent high profile attacks on major companies and their websites. PlayLah needs to tackle that confidence and we find it weird that the app only allow a maximum of 6-characters password for login. It isn’t a huge problem per se since the app does timed-out aptly when not in use and changes to the top-up limit will require you to login to your usual DBS iBanking account, but without a longer password feature it might find users who want that option walking away.

[[perfectpullquote]]Not everyone has a DBS bank account…[/[perfectpullquote]]

Apart from security concerns, DBS PayLah needs widespread acceptance and usage in order to make sense. Not everyone has a DBS bank account and that itself can pose a challenge, and DBS’s promoted idea of simplest way to go dutch just might break. There are many more ways to use DBS PlayLah, such as paying that savvy hawker or repairman, sending cash to your kids so you can keep track of their expenditure, etc. We wish DBS would come out with a list of ideas and hacks or by asking users to suggest their own, which might be an even more effective campaign.

[tweetable alt=”Be first 500 to download and register DBS PlayLah and receive $5:”]Giving away free money is one way[/tweetable] too, and it is rewarding first 500 daily downloads $5 cash in their mobile wallets. How it measures the first 500 isn’t mentioned, although we suggest you download and register away only when midnight strikes to increase your chances. DBS PlayLah is available for both iOS and Android users.

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