LTA to Build Satellite-Based ERP System for Road Users by 2020

Plan raises privacy and security concerns


LTA is planning to replace the current ERP system with a satellite-based one by 2020 and currently calling for tenders to the project. LTA stated the high costs of building ERP gantries and maintaining them lead to seeking out new solutions and the decision finalized after an 18-month evaluation test which turns out to be a feasible idea.

The new satellite-based system will be named Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) and is capable of replacing parking coupons, paying for tolls at checkpoint, calculating distance-based pricing and getting real-time traffic information via an interactive computer. A range of payment options will be available as well via GNSS, allowing road users to pay for parking coupons, tolls, e-Day licenses from the on-board unit. LTA is also considering new policies for off-peak cars, and may allow pay-per-period usage or only using the cars on non-congested areas. Three companies has been shortlisted to develop GNSS.

[[perfectpullquote]]amount of data collected from road users could be useful for certain situations[/[perfectpullquote]]

When questioned about privacy concerns, LTA assures the public that data from GNSS will only be collected necessary to perform relevant functions and not for anything else. Nevertheless, it is thought-provoking the amount of data collected from road users could be useful for certain situations, such as more accurately determining congestion and accident-prone areas, or be used for tracking down stolen or runaway vehicles in crime-solving. Security will be a major concern as well since driver details and payment information from credit cards are included and since so many major organizations internationally has fallen prey to sophisticated hackers.

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GNSS contract will be awarded in the second half of 2015 and expected to be implemented around year 2020.

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