Curb bad habits in your life with this ‘Science of Procrastination’ video

Except you might procrastinate to even put it to practice

Yes, lets face it. We all procrastinate in one way or another, often trying to chase back a good part of the day we wasted away on distractions such as social media, messaging, online shopping, etc. Here’s a video that explains it scientifically, or at least it tries to.

You might have seen this before or you might have procrastinated to finish watching it later, and perhaps only realizing now. Nevertheless, this serves as a good reminder and provide some good guidelines on how to reduce your bad habits by timing and then rewarding yourself when you are being productive. The key to overcoming procrastination as explained in the video is to apply the Pomodoro Technique, using short bursts of focus in timed sessions. Haven’t got a desktop timer? You’re in luck – this free timer app call Focus Booster, available in either Mac or Windows version, will get you started.

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Just don’t go wandering around on Facebook or Twitter while waiting for it to complete downloading and don’t stop procrastinating completely though, here’s some contradicting research that says it might actually benefit us

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