Lily Camera is a drone from the future available for pre-order

Expected to complete in 2017


It might not be the best looking drone out there, but Lily has a lot going for it and definitely even more to prove. If you haven’t already seen it, Lily Camera has been making rounds on news sites and from the official trailer video, we can definitely see why.

Lily Camera isn’t just your regular drone, in actual fact it’s the world’s first waterproof throw-and-shoot video camera drone, and here’s the best part – it follows wherever you go, automagically via a wearable tracking device. You can also manually control Lily shooting angles and take pictures and record sounds from the tracking device.

[[perfectpullquote]]Lily doesn’t have obstacle avoidance feature[/[perfectpullquote]]

Other than the trailer video and a website for pre-ordering a Lily, there’s really no other evidence showing Lily will work well in any environment. According to the FAQs on the website, Lily Camera doesn’t have obstacles avoidance feature, meaning to say Lily Camera will crash in tight spaces. To counter that problem, Lily will hold it’s position in mid-air and continue to film you when you press the middle button the tracking device.

At a pre-sale price of US$499 after which it will progressively launch to a retail price of US$999, Lily Camera is still very much affordable compared to the DJI Phantom series, though we find it a rather risky bet.

Undoubtedly Lily Camera is very impressive and potentially a game-changer if the company eventually developed smarter features in her, but unless you shoot in unobstructed outdoor spaces often, you probably want to wait a while longer.

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