Here’s a machine from Japan that turns plastic waste into usable oil

Portable enough to install at any home or office

Although this video is dated a little more than 6 years back, it is a grim reminder of the problem with plastic, a convenience the world has taken for granted. Green initiatives continue to stress the importance of reducing and recycling plastic waste, but the result is still worrying and according to statistics provided by NEA, the amount of plastic waste our country has managed to recycle last year stands at a miserable 9%.

Akinori Ito is the founder of Blest in Japan that make machines that convert plastic back into oil using heat and electricity. You might start to question if a technology like this would require a large machine or a complicated process. Quite the contrary Blest has managed to develop a plastic-to-oil converter that is portable enough to install in homes.

[[perfectpullquote]]Reduce carbon emissions by 80%[/[perfectpullquote]]

Technically, the machine heats up the plastic into gas which then gets cooled back into regular oil when you chunk all your household plastic waste such as bottles, bags, containers into it. The oil produced can then be further processed into fuel such as gasoline, diesel and kerosene.

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According to Akinori, a kg worth of plastic translate into 1 litre of oil and by returning plastic into usable oil we can reduce carbon emissions as much as 80%. Compare that to burning 1kg of plastic which generates 3kg of CO2, that kind of difference just might make earth a whole lot greener.

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