Burger King Great Festive Savings Coupons lets you save on burgers & set meals this year end

Valid till 18th December this year


Burger King is early to celebrate the festive season, rolling out a little more than a dozen coupons on burgers, set meals, dessert and beverage coupons to everyone.

Discount coupons include breakfast Croissan’wich, signature Whopper, Fish’n Crisp and Tendercrisp Chicken burgers as well as Hershey Sundae Pies and Iced Mocha.

Available for redeems from now till 18 December 2015, simply flash the coupons of your choice from the gallery below to enjoy the discounts. Alternatively you can also download the whole bunch of coupons from Burger King’s website.

Keep this one bookmarked just in case.

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