Bagel is the smart measuring tape for the tech-savvy handyman

It can measure three ways


Can we re-invent the measuring tape? The people behind Bagel sure think so.

This out-of-this-world gadget you are looking at isn’t your average measuring tape, it is a device that save up to 100 measurements, record voice memos, and connects to a mobile app where you can organise and analyse your measurements.


Bagel, technically, doesn’t have a tape. Instead, it displays measurement via a digital display located on the side. It measures in three ways – String mode which tackles measuring curved or non-flat surfaces, Wheel mode that lets you take measurements simply by rolling, great when you don’t have both hands available or measuring odd-shaped objects. Can’t reach a high ceiling for measurement? Bagel’s Remote mode is a ultrasonic sensor that lets you measure up to 5 meters away where you can’t reach.

The only hassle with Bagel is charging its battery which is good for 24 hours and 8 hours continuous use. You can, however, charge it with any micro USB cable lying around.

Bagel is priced around US$49 to US$79 (depending on the early-bird batch) and is available for pre-order on Kickstarter. It will only ship in November later this year.

Pre-order on Kickstarter

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