Japan gets cool Christmas Coca-Cola Bottles with pull-ribbon label this year

This is why Singapore won't be getting them

Someone at Coca-Cola needs a pay raise for inventing this ingenious bottle. First introduced in Colombia in 2013, these ribboned Coke bottles were in fact very difficult to make and the company took two years to develop the machinery needed to print the labels.

The ribbon bottles made their way to U.K. last year and this Christmas, Japan gets all the fun with the cool bottle, a centerpiece in the festive marketing campaign in Japan.


Coca-Cola Ribbon Bottle

It will be hard for Coca-Cola Singapore to push for these ribbon bottles since we are seeing more of the popular beverage in slim metallic cans here instead of the plastic bottled ones filling up vending machines in Japan. While this might have to do with being all environmental-friendly, sadly it means we are less likely to receive the special Christmas Coke bottles anytime soon.

For those of you heading to Japan anytime soon, you might want to look out for them.

We don't have Thanksgiving here so it's okay to be Christmasy

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