Why you shouldn’t buy the Nintendo Switch now

The hype is real

Nintendo Switch is finally out but…

For fans who had recently purchased a Nintendo Switch from game shops locally, you can skip this one.

As for those who are still on the edge of buying one or looking around, we suggest you wait a while more (if you can). The reason is Nintendo is notorious for supply shortage issues on their latest machines. It isn’t helping with the fact that many game retailers are also snapping them up and selling them at higher prices to those who are willing to pay for it.

In case you didn’t know, Nintendo Switch is officially priced at US$299 which is equivalent to a little over $420 in Singapore dollars.

That is why you shouldn’t buy it now – Don’t fall for the hype. Even legit marketplaces are trying to cash in on it – Lazada is selling pre-orders at $599, Qoo10 sellers selling export sets with prices starting from $579. That’s at least 150 bucks more than the official retail price in the states.

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The thing is, you don’t even need to buy from local shops. You can get one from Amazon at US$299 once it restocks (sold by Amazon, not other sellers) since Nintendo Switch uses USB Type-C for charging and since the charger has been established to have 110 – 240v power rating, meaning it’s entirely compatible for usage here.

The only challenge, if any, is the warranty coverage if buying from Amazon. You probably have to send it into Nintendo USA if you encounter any issues within a year.

According to sources, Nintendo Switch consoles are all region-free, so there’s no restriction on its features or games regardless of where you buy it from. Nintendo has also assured fans they have boosted their production on Nintendo Switch as a result of the high demand.

Buy from Amazon

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