Here’s why you don’t need Google Wifi in Singapore (most of the time)

Think about it

Google Wifi is here but should you buy one?

Internet titan Google has just announced a partnership with local telco Starhub, rolling out its Google Wifi to consumers in Singapore. Before you rush down to a nearest Starhub store, you probably want to know what the buzz is all about this device.

Google Wifi is essentially a mesh networking product. It isn’t the first to introduced mesh networking, there are other products that are already in the market such as the eero and Luma. The only advantage to getting Google Wifi is simply its lower cost.

Technology wise, mesh networking is a new networking method that offers better reliability over a specific coverage area. It’s similar to have a Wi-Fi extender (or a.k.a. repeater) except you don’t have to figure out wireless network names (SSIDs) and mesh networking products don’t have a single point of failure (the fibre modem still is) and offers better traffic handling.

Xiaomi Wi-Fi Extender Gen 2 works too

For most Singaporeans who stay in a 3, 4 or 5-room HDB apartment, setting up a mesh network is simply a waste of money since a cheap reliable e.g. Xiaomi Wi-Fi extender can fix dead spots easily. Add two of them and it totals up to what, 20 to 25 bucks? You can find a bunch of sellers on Qoo10.

Another no-no in our opinion is Google decides to offer Google Wifi product exclusively only to Starhub subscribers with a 2-year contract, meaning if you are an existing M1, Singtel or MyRepublic subscribers won’t be able to buy one? Sorry to break it to you Starhub, we can actually buy the 3-pack Google Wifi off with free shipping to Singapore, there’s no need to make the switch from your current telco.

What’s more, Google Wifi’s adapter comes with a 120 – 240v input voltage rating so it is perfectly safe to use here.

The bottom line is if you already have a stable wireless router + extenders network at home, there’s no reason to splurge your money on the new mesh networking setup unless you absolutely want shiny new things or you got deep pockets.

Mesh networking, however, will make sense if you stay in a bigger home, for example, multi-storey landed properties or offices where extenders can be a mess to work with.

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