Sqkii wants to give away S$50,000 cold hard cash, that is if you can find it

No, they are not kidding

Find $50,000 for real in Sqkii’s ‘Hunt the Mouse’

No catch or gimmicks whatsoever. You find it, you keep it.

Sure or not? Absolutely. S$50,000 real cash, people.

So who’s Sqkii again? Pronounced as ‘Squeak-ki’, they are a startup that’s doing something similar to us – finding all the great deals, promotions and offers in Singapore and sharing through a mobile app. On top of that, they actually reward users with credits over time which can be exchanged for real cash.

Why are they doing this? To get exposure of course, which is totally good news for us too since you could be the very one to figure out the location of the loot here in Singapore.

Here’s how it works – Sqkii has hidden a shiny gold coin, slightly larger than 50c coin with a black mouse figure printed on it, somewhere on this island. Once found, it can be redeemed for S$50,000 cash, sponsored by local bank OCBC.

$50,000—sponsored by OCBC Pay Anyone—has been found by a 46 year old man known as Mr Ting. This album has been…

Posted by Sqkii on Wednesday, 30 August 2017

3 Hints Daily

Sqkii will also be releasing 3 hints daily on their Facebook page to make the hunt easier over time. Hunters can also gather clues from participating partners such as using OCBC Pay Anyone, dining at Pastamania or Kraftwich to receive scratch cards and more.

According to Sqkii, the gold coin will not be hidden at dangerous or hard to reach areas such as MRT tracks on road dividers. Props to them for being responsible game-makers.

You can find out more details about the hunt at their official promotion page, where there will be updates if someone has located the coin.

Sounds good? What are you waiting for? Faster go jio your high IQ friends to figure this one out and share the moolah.

Free money money money~~

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