This pair of sunglasses block out LCD/LED screens in real life

You can order them now

So you are on holiday and the last thing you want is to be reminded you of work is a screen.

Now there’s a solution.

The IRL Glasses can block out typical TV screens and displays when you wear them, in real life. It works through a pair of rotated polarized lens, which blocks the light emitted by LCD/LED screens, making it look like the TV or computer in front of you is off.

Besides the screen-blocking effect, they also work as a normal pair of UV-blocking sunglasses.

There are, however, certain limitations – IRL Glasses won’t be able to block smartphone or OLED screens (yet).

They look fine too.

IRL Glasses are up for preorder on Kickstarter at US$49 a pair before shipping and will be delivered sometime in April next year.

Preorder from Kickstarter

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